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Sorchas Trials
The sun had just risen when Sorcha first heard the thunder of horses that rode through the forest. Her lack in curiosity over political matters stopped her from bothering to peek out from behind the tree which she sat before. She was gathering herbs, early morning was a perfect time and this time of year especially as all the young herbs which had sprouted in the spring were now grown enough to pluck from. Sliding her sickle in a fluid motion she released the stems of mint from its stalk. Sorcha loved mint, she loved how wonderful it smelt, how it felt between her fingers and how the tea tasted as she drank by her fire on a late winters eve.
Sitting back on the balls of her feet she whispered thanks to the plant for its sacrifice and stood. Breathing in she smelt the fresh day before her. The dew still dripping to the ground, the sound of birds beginning to increase as each awoke to greet the morning. Stepping carefully along the uncharted forest floor Sorcha wandered about searching f
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We are so young
For generations now we're taught the world is millions of years old. From birth to death we're made to believe that we are nearing the end of our time. I fail to see the age in our world. I do not see the laughter lines in the eyes of the world or grey hairs sprouting.
We are so young, don't you see?
Look around you; we have history we could learn in a lifetime. We remember a time of darkness and fear. Science takes us on a journey far greater than we could ever imagine.
The world is so much more than meets the eye.
Wake up.
So are you. You are more than skin and bones. same as the world is more than earth and water. As you are skin, bone, blood, organs, nails and life so is the world, earth water, fire, man, desert, forest and life. Like ourselves the world is worth so much more. We will die and our bodies will live on in the earth. The way in which, only a perfectly designed world could cause to happen.
Our world is not old and dying. We are young and quarrelsome. Our world doesn't k
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You are nothing.
It's amazing isn't it. The way we feel life. Funny how we never notice that we're living until we actually take a moment to think about it.
We are going to die in years that are countable and we were not always here. The world didn't start with us and the world isn't going to end with us. We began our journey thinking that the nursery we were raised in was the entire world, as we grow and our minds expand the world gradually gets bigger, but we never stop to contemplate how small we are. How insignificant we are.
You and I, we're not useless, we have a purpose and a path to journey down, but if you died tomorrow morning. If you were hit by a car on the way to work; the world would keep on turning. Somebody else would fill the position you left behind, somebody else would move into your house, somebody else would get your phone number, somebody else would gain the love of your pets. You will dissolve into nothing, a name on paper and a warm feeling in the heart of those you knew will be
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The Mountain God's that were.
The god's of the highlands were once far more active than they are now. Now nobody hears from the mountain God's. They are angry with man and man is angry at the God's. A hundred generations before the mountain's were a completely different place. The mountains weren't black, they were covered with forests and fields for crops; much like the forests Balor travelled through now with the Prince and his men. Man lived happily, making sacrifices of cow and sheep to the God's thanking them for all the earthly riches that they blessed them with.
One day a priest begged and begged the god's to open their heavenly kingdom to him. So that he may gain knowledge of the God's and their wishes for their subjects. The priest had grown weary of day to day life. He was beginning to resent the god's for the life they had placed on the people of the highlands. He believed that as they were the civilization of people on the highest land they then were of the highest authority, and should depend on the lo
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It's okay.
A cloud had loomed over the city for days; finally it began to spill its tears. As the rain drops slowly began to build up on the windscreen of the old grey Toyota, Alice flicked the windscreen wipers on and sighed in irritation as the grating sound of windscreen wipers made her insides recoil and added to the inner fury that was already teeming inside her. Squeak.
Everything that had happened tonight, in her opinion, was all her parents fault.  A tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered tonight’s events. Her father would fight with her. Her mother would fight with her. Her sister would fight with her.  They had been fighting for days over ridiculous petty things, growing up in a strict religious family left little room for a difference in moral views.  The truth of the matter was that there was little room left for anything while Alice was at home.
Alice pulled the wheel directing the car to the side of the road outside her boyfriend’s hou
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Fear of living.
Tonight i considered suicide, not because i'm depressed or sad, but because i never want to be.
I'd rather die happy than live to become sad, depressed or rundown by the tide of life.
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childish reality.
When we are young, we are not learnt. We have not been taught the ways of the world; we do not know about taxes; government, war and death. Our worlds are comprised of imagination with a dash of reality. Slipping away from the world was so much easier. We weren’t afraid, not like we are now.
I remember when I was never afraid. I never feared a stranger, or felt lost in the darkness. I could lie in bed and create an entirely new world every night where I would fall asleep in. The world was full of mysteries and everything was magical.
Now however I’m grown up, I’m almost 18 and I know what stars are. They’re giant balls of gas, they aren't other worlds; they aren't reachable. Animals are dumb; they don’t speak to us. Their lives are empty and robotic, scientifically explained in the early years of high school.
That world you grew up in, that world you spent your childhood enjoying your imagination mixing with reality, is taken and torn to shreds. Replaced w
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Break Up
The day before you broke up with me
I had talked to you about hope and
how love gets us through everything
about how we would be able to make it
even if your parents did hate me
You agreed
but I learned soon enough
that by that time you had already sent me
the letter
you know...
the one I received three days before my birthday
the one that made me cry until I couldn't breathe
the one that I tore up in a mad frenzy
the one that said you wanted to break up with me
after that months went by
I started healing
I started breathing again
and I saw that there were others
that could offer me so much more
more than you ever did
And then one day you just called me
assuming that I was still waiting for you
and you begged to have me back
I miss you
There's nobody like you
I'll do anything...

So you put me into the difficult position
of having to break a heart
to choose between an old love
and a fresh, but unsure new one
but the choice was easy made
I decided to gamble
It was the best
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I'm absolutely terrible at actually staying for the period of a few months. I do love DeviantART and i really love to put in my writings and thoughts to share.
I think i will also begin to write my little novel on here as well. I have about 6 or 7 chapters so far and i believe if i can push myself to update it weekly or fortnightly and get some good feedback i'll be able to push through. I've posted a story on my old account and got amazing feedback for it and this is a story from and older, better Ingrid.
Please, have a read and let me know what you think. I'll be posting the first chapter later tonight.
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